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Speira Natural Products is a startup company that was founded by a young MSc Agronomist, graduated from Agricultural University of Athens department of Agricultural Economics and Development.

The occupation in agricultural sector , along with her love for traditional Greek products and the passion to show them, was the beginning of Speira Extra Virgin Olive Oil creation. Α qualified and standardized Greek product.

Cultivating our Olive Groves & partnering up with small farmers from Greece in the most well-know olive-growing areas ,in the area of Messinia, the company started its activity in the production, standardization and trade of extra virgin olive oil.

~ We believe that every Olive Fruit matters. ~

~ Every Farmer matters… Every drop of Olive Oil matters.~

But of even greater importance, every Customer matters..

The Olive Trees

Olive Oil Production

Our Philosophy ……

….. the Respect for the Earth and its People

Our Aim

Our aim is to enhance and promote Greek primary production, in particular, Greek producers and Greek agricultural products.

The prominence of small and medium-sized Greek producers who with passion, experience and love give life to the fruits and create excellent quality products.

On the basis of their standardization we guarantee quality and give impetus to the recognition of Greek products.

With the dominant qualification of the Greek agricultural products, their excellent quality and in combination with our technology, innovation and our specialized staff (agronomists, food technologists), we select the best local producers in the most famous olive-growing regions of Greece.



Thus, this rational exercise of agriculture combines the balance between the environment and human activity.


The implementation of an Integrated Crop Management System ensures the protection of the environment through the environmentally friendly approach of the cultivation technique.


Thus, this rational exercise of agriculture combines the balance between the environment and human activity.


At the same time, the quality of the manufactured products is maintained at a high level so as to offer consumers what they deserve.

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